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Imperator MMXX Special Edition

Celebrate The Roaring Decade
With One Of The Most Distinguished Picks To Date

The Imperator
Top-Rated, Recognizable, & Reputable.

It's back in a special limited run!
This time featuring a new "Marbled" carbon fiber material.
Unlike regular carbon fiber twill,
this features a random pattern or marbling
that produces a shifting contrast depending on how light hits it.
The look is somewhat similar to a piece of iron meteorite
yet retains the lightweight characteristic that carbon fiber is known for.

Each piece will have its own unique pattern,
and each piece is definitively one-of-a-kind.

These Imperators are being specially made as a collectors item.
One that's not only distinct in appearance,
but also in composition & function.

They are bold, & they are eye-catching.
And because of the nature of the material,
it seems to come alive with any slight movement.
It makes a statement, even before a single note is struck.

The finish on these MMXX (2020) Imperators is subtle
as to keep the material in it's most raw form.
There are no lacquers applied,
they're simply polished to a semi-gloss on the bevels,
and light brushed with a fine satin finish on both faces.

Each Imperator also features an "Iron Age" & "MMXX" engraving
which glows after UV light exposure & identifies them from the regular lineup.

The material is limited & not easily replaced,
so it's not likely that these picks will be making a quick return.

If you want a functional work of art
that's unlike anything produced to date,
then don't hesitate to claim yours today!
Let's start the year off right.

This batch (#2) will be limited to a total of 30 picks total.
This is a pre-order and each of the picks will be ready to ship as soon as April 2nd
Each pick will come pre-drilled & with a micro-lanyard for use in a necklace or keychain.


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