Doom-Slayer Pick

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Welcome To Hell
Prepare to RIP & TEAR

Doomsday Is Here
This is a pick inspired by the "Doom" games
that celebrate "Excess" in its many forms.
(namely the excessive extermination of demonic forces)

These double-sided picks follow suit
and are designed for an excess of speed,
excess of intensity, and excess of volume.

Composition to Carnage
Each limited edition Doom Slayer pick
is made from an engineering-grade thermoplastic.
They features excellent durability compared to our acrylic lineups,
which make them a killer choice for dishing out an onslaught of brutal riffs.

First Time For Everything
This is our first double-sided guitar pick,
featuring two distinct engravings & filled with a blood-red pearl fill.
This aids with the pick's gripping characteristics & adds to the unique design.

On one side we have our cross-hairs set on a horned demon & pentagram
which is also flanked by the secondary "Doom Slayer" runes.

On the other side,
our usual Sword & Laurel logo has been replaced.
This time there's the Crucible Sword, crowned with Rip & Tear.
So there's no question as what to do next - Until It's Done.

"...Those that tasted the bite of his sword named him,
the Doom Slayer..."

Fit & Finish
The edges on this pick undergo two stages of polishing
for an ultra-slick finish that reflects the darkness within
and a pick that slices through steel like a hot knife through butter.

Both faces have a coarse brushed texture,
and with the double engraving,
are sure to keep this pick locked & loaded in place.

Each pick also features a small pendant hole
if you wish to wear it or use it as a key-chain.

Approx. 31.5 x 27.5 x 3mm

"...There is only one dominant life form...
...And it carries a steel sword of vengeance..."