[LE] Dord Fiann

Inspired By Irish Myth & Lore

A Unique Combination of Stone & Vibrant Resins


Named after the Irish war-horn of the Fianna, the Dord Fiann is part of the Finn McCool mythologies.

Legends have it that Finn built the Giant's Causeway as stepping-stones to Scotland, so as not to get his feet wet.

Others include that he once scooped up part of Ireland to fling it at a rival, but it missed and landed in the Irish Sea — the clump became the Isle of Man.


And after Finn McCool's death, it was said that one day he would awake and defend Ireland in the hour of her greatest need.

And finally, that he would arise (under the green hills) when the Dord Fiann is blasted three times, and he will be as strong and as well as he ever was.


So about this marvelous looking pick... It's made of real stone, finely grounded into powder, & mixed with vibrant colored resins.

The result is a pick with plenty of mass to make the strings sing, with the least amount of force. Being held together by a strong resin, it's easy to polish & kept playing smooth.

Grip is assisted with the engraving itself; maybe a perfect match for our Celtic-Knot knobs... This pick stays put because of it, but as with any stone or agate pick, its sweet tone is best enjoyed away from hard ground like concrete. Just for piece of mind is all.

Speaking of the tone, the sound produced is very mellow. Not much attack, but more of a glide across the strings. And the overtones are very much accentuated. Maybe not for everyone, but anyone who's played a stone pick knows, these really shine & bring an acoustic guitar to life!


This run of Dord Fiann picks is limited to 28 pieces. They're 4mm thick, and sized in between a Jazz3 & JazzXL pick. Not too big or small, but hefty with a nice weight.

I can go down to a 3mm gauge upon request.

They're being made to order & only available to newsletter subscribers at this time. 

Like the POD models, these will begin shipping as soon as they are completed. Please allow up to 7 business days for me to get through the entirety of this batch. 

Thank you for your patience & preference!


Big shoutout to the songwriter & president of Open The Cage, Michael Connors, who gave rise to this design & idea!

If you like what you see be sure to check him out as well:



"Life Is A Fight, Open The Cage"

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