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"The Spartans don't ask how many enemies, but where are they."

The Wait Is Over.

After the first prototype in summer of 2019,
the Hoplite attracted much attention due to its eye-catching looks.

Some would describe it as a snakeskin pattern, while others like camo.
The first couple of Hoplites were eagerly purchased for over $50 each at auctions,
and after a year-long wait - They're finally available as a limited edition.

What Are You Made Of
These original Hoplites are composed of a translucent resin
with brass & copper micro-mesh which give it its distinct appearance.
This material is on the softer side however so we recommend these for more casual use.

Like the great majority of our guitar picks,
these are also precision-cut & handmade in small batches
to preserve quality in terms of consistency & attention-to-detail.

Each pick is meticulously sanded by hand to get a smooth satin finish all around.
The profile of this pick is tapered so despite being thick
it gradually comes to a sharp point that's about 1.5mm.

The beveling is also done by hand to remove any hard edges,
and with a minimal design to allow the pick to wear-in for a longer time (durability).

The satin finish not only feels like velvet to the touch
but adds to the grip characteristics which are also aided
by a proprietary coating that's added to our picks.
This coating not only adds grip, but also repels moisture & brings out the colors of the material.

One last feature which you'll find on many Iron Age picks
is that the engravings on these Hoplites also have a UV glow.
If they're exposed to sunlight for about half a minute,
they will emit an aqua blue glow.
This effect is greatly increased with exposure to UV black-lights.

The shape & size of the Hoplite is definitely on the smaller side,
leaning more towards the traditional red jazz3 picks but with a longer & sharper point.
The dimensions are approximately: 26.5*23*5mm (Original)


NEW Additions for August 2021

Hoplite "Edge" 26.5 * 23 * 1.5mm
After giving away samples & including them with various orders,
we received much feedback & requests for these experimental picks.
These razor-sharp picks are perhaps some of the thinnest handmade picks we've ever made!
At 1.5mm they're nimble, sharp, and made from durable translucent Ultem material.
The Hoplite Edge picks are now available while supplies last,
each is sold in pairs.

Hoplite "XL" 28.5 * 25 * 6mm
To complement the arrival of the thinner Edge picks,
we now have an extra large & extra thick Hoplite, the XL.
The Hoplite-XL is a made from a similar resin & metal mesh as the originals
but has bigger dimensions & a thicker profile.
These are some chunky picks that pack a punch!
Each Hoplite XL is sold individually.


NEW Addition for January 2022

Hoplite "Quicksilver" XL 28.5 * 25 * 3mm
Let the notes flow freely with speed & intensity.
The new Quicksilver version of the hoplite features a flashy silver material (similar to what we used in Berried Alive gold picks, which were a huge hit!).

These picks feature a rounded bevel unlike the tapered Hoplites, so instead of forming to your playing, it already has a worn-in feel that's fast out of the gate. 
The bevels are also polished to speed its conquest for uncharted riffs & the faces are finished with a brushed texture for a sleek two-tone aesthetic & grip.

Last but not least, the Quicksilver features our new helmet & shield logo in a blood red metallic color. A bold statement in itself that also enhances its playability by further improving its gripping qualities.
Each Hoplite "Quicksilver" XL is sold individually.


"Greeks don't fight like heroes, heroes fight like Greeks."
-W Churchill

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