Raid & Plunder - Seek & Destroy
The Latest In Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks 

No room for imitations here.
This is a real deal solid carbon fiber plectrum.

One that's precision cut & handcrafted for speed, dexterity,
and has enough tonal punch to set off the nearest raid sirens.

Armed To The Teeth
Unlike our classic carbon fiber guitar picks,
these ones are thick - 3mm to be exact.
That means zero flex, zero give,
but it just takes the prize in terms of precision.

Carbon fiber is already lightweight. We made it lighter.
The Marauder features several holes to aid in weight reduction
and coupled with the coarse-textured faces, add some serious grip.
More grip = More picking control to keep you ripping through the next riff or solo.

Did we mention this pick is thick? So what.
The thicker profile helps to relax your grip no matter the speed.
No need to clamp down so hard and hold onto tension.
Combined this with its small size & light weight and you have one surgical striking tool that can push your agility to the next level.

When it comes to tone,
the Marauder packs a punch in a small package.
The minimal bevels allow more material to wear through which also allows the bevel to conform to your natural picking angle over time.
Aside from that, the bevels are finished with a soft satin texture which adds the slightest grit. 
This grit adds a light resistance which helps to accentuate each individual note.

Performance aside,
the Marauder looks amazing with its militant camo aesthetic.
The material is multi-layered which can be admired through the tapered profile, the grip holes, and by taking a look at the sides of the pick.
The Iron Age logo features our signature UV reactive glow resins & the Marauder is available in 2 combative colors.
If you've ever played any of our other carbon fiber guitar picks, you already know what to expect. Order yours today!


  • Real 3mm Carbon Fiber
  • Performance Based Design
    • Weight Reduction
    • Grip Holes
    • Coarse-Textured Faces
    • Zero-Flex Precision Profile
  • Multi-layered Camo Aesthetic

Each Pick Sold Individually
Not Available For Engravings

Dimensions: 26 * 21.5 * 3mm

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