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Helios-3 Glow Pick

Light Up The Stage
From Dusk Till Dawn

Illuminate the center-stage as the holder of the sun.
This is a special plectrum for those who burn twice as bright,
and appreciate the finest in handcrafted tone.

The Helios-3 is a glow-in-the-dark jazz styled pick,
specially crafted from a small batch of phosphorescent resin material.

This material is made up of only 2 ingredients:
high quality crystal-clear resin, and a concentrated amount of glow powders
for a powerful illumination.

This is a solid all-around pick.
Each is precision cut, & meticulously hand-finished.

The faces feature a coarse brushed texture,
as well as a "sword & laurel" engraving for enhancing grip.

The playing point & edges themselves are finished in a finer matte texture.
This results in a balanced feel across the strings & just enough punch for
each note without feeling gritty.

For the uninitiated, the base 3.5mm thickness might seem a bit much.
But if you've played Iron Age picks before,
(or any handcrafted picks for that matter)
you'll find this is a comfortable medium.

It provides you with a tight grasp,
but is not so big that it becomes unwieldy.

The Helios-3 is ready for battle right out of the gates.
But perhaps its most distinct feature is its radiant glow.

The amount of light this new material gives off is insane. And when it's
directly under blacklight, the color simply cannot be ignored.

To charge the pick,
simply expose it to sunlight for a minute or two.
Flashlights & indoor lighting can also build up a charge although a bit more
slowly and not as intense.

For the absolute most powerful glow, a UV blacklight is recommended.
The Helios will glow its brightest while under blacklight,
& will even continue to glow for hours after the light source is removed.

(The Helios-3 can be charged over & over for many years!)

This is a pick that has proven to be very popular over the years.
And especially with the introduction of the Berried Alive signature picks,
which were based on this very shape.
If you want to try an Iron Age classic, this is a solid choice!

NEW 2020 Onyx Edition available!
These are sleek picks that are as black as the dark-side of an eclipse.
Not only are the colors different from the original models,
but these Onyx Editions are cut from a different material altogether.

This new material is a thermoplastic that's much more dense than the original
and consequently feels solid & much heavier.
They're a hefty 4mm in thickness to deliver a punchy tone
without becoming too cumbersome & unwieldy.

Each Onyx Edition picks is finished just like the original models.
That is with a smooth satin finish on the edges for the perfect amount of bite,
and with a coarse brushed finish on the faces for a lock-tight grip.

Pre-orders are scheduled to ship on September 28th (if not sooner!)

Now available individually or as sets alongside as the originals.

**See the Minerva Pick for a larger & pointier pick in the same vein.
(It's pink & glows blue!)

Original Helios-3 Pick Dimensions: 28*26.5, ~3.5mm Thick,

Each is sold individually unless marked as a set.

 Part of our Top 10 Highest Rated Guitar Picks. Click To See More!

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