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Jazz3 or JazzXL Picks

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A Guitar Pick With Timeless Style & Enhanced Tone

Available in Jazz3 or JazzXL Style Pick Shapes

There's a reason many seasoned guitarists prefer such low-profile picks.
That's because they allows for maximum picking control, dynamic playing, and are downright nimble compared to larger picks.

From daring string-skips to blistering swept arpeggios, this is for those who demand 100% precision in their day to day playing.

Obviously with a picks such as the Jazz3, losing your grip can sometimes be a concern.

However, with our simulated ivory material, the pick stays locked in place due to the fine matte finish.

You've got really try to have one of these slip away. It's all about picking control & keeping you on point, note after note.

Guitar Pick Dimensions & Sizing Specs

For larger hands, there is also the JazzXL version which is slightly bigger all-around.

The Jazz3 model is approximately 26*25mm, with the JazzXL being about 29*28mm. A traditional 351-style pick measures in at 30*26mm.

Both classic models are available in a beefy 4mm thickness, and can be customized down to a 2.5mm thickness if you choose.

**Please leave a note at checkout as to what thickness you would like, or a default thickness of 4mm will be sent out to you.

Up The Irons On Your Guitar Tone

If you've ever played a bone pick, you'll find these picks to have a similar sound characteristic.

That is, they make each note sound fuller & more vibrant. It has that same boost in the mids, however the Ivory Parthenon Series takes the highs to another level.

Not only do you get a punchy midrange sound, but also a shimmer in the higher frequencies that give you added presence.

Made To Order Picks

Each of these picks is handcrafted only after you place your order. It's gives it more meaning when it's being made specifically for you, than simply filling in the stock.

Great care is taken to perfect the bevels, & ultimately your playing experience.

This is what makes even the thicker 4mm picks playable, and the thinner 2.5's a joy to strum.

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