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Imperator Acrylic Guitar Pick

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The Commander-in-Chief
Born of Crucible & Forged In Fire

It takes a great hard-earned victory to earn the honorific
title, of Imperator.

Only then can a commander be deemed a champion in triumph.

With time,
this title was to become synonymous with Emperor.
And here we present you a pick that is exactly that,
fit for a king.

Distinct & Luminous
There's no other pick quite like the Imperator.

It's handcrafted from tried & true grip material used for manufacturing pistol grips & knife handles.

When paired with a larger surface area,
it gives you something to grab onto.

Being a larger pick,
you can really see the material fade from an alluring blue pearl, to a fathomless black..

Its looks are enhanced further by the aqua blue glowing accents that suround its Iron Age emblem.

The overall design is simply unique.

Size Specs & Playability
The exact dimensions are 32.5*27.5mm,
just a bit larger & slightly pointier than the average celluloid pick.

This current batch of Imperators,
measures in at just under 4mm thickness.

Yes, it's got mass,
but each point is carefully tapered
& the edges are beveled to make playing easier.

From Commander To King
This is one special pick you don't want to miss out on.

  • Majestic looks
  • Bold Tone
  • Illuminated Accents
  • A unique playing experience all around

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