Sammy Duet Signature Guitar Pick

The Eclipse of Ages
Razor Sharp & Relentless

This is the latest signature pick
designed in part with Sammy Pierre Duet,
guitarist of Acid Bath & Goatwhore.

This pick takes on the menacing aesthetic
of our flagship guitar pick, the Spearhead,
but takes it up a notch.

The SPD Signature pick features
an even sharper point that's capable of
plunging deep into the heart of darkness.

Not only is this pick incredibly sharp,
but the dimensions have been modified
for a slightly larger surface area to grip onto.

Coupled with a textured satin finish
and sigil engravings,
this pick is set to decimate
with the trigger safety stuck on full-auto.

First Batch of 2022 w/ New Green Glow Version
This limited edition pick will only be available for pre-order
from Friday February 25th to March 11th.
After this timeframe, the pre-orders will close until the next batch,
whenever that might be. Each pick is handcrafted from Cell-cast acrylic.

Each pick is available individually or in sets of 2 or 3
and a portion of the proceeds will go to supporting the artist.

We'll begin crafting & shipping out orders as soon as Friday the 4th of March.
Depending on the amount of orders, shipping could take an extra week or two
but we'll be working around the clock to ship these out to you asap
(without compromising on quality that Iron Age is known for)

29.5 * 24.5 * 2.75mm

Collections: Limited Edition Guitar Picks

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