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Sammy Duet Signature Guitar Pick

The Eclipse of Ages

Razor Sharp & Relentless

This is the latest signature pick
designed in part with Sammy Pierre Duet,
guitarist of Acid Bath & Goatwhore.

This pick takes on the menacing aesthetic
of our flagship guitar pick, the Spearhead,
but takes it up a notch.

The SPD Signature pick features
an even sharper point that's capable of
plunging deep into the heart of darkness.

Not only is this pick incredibly sharp,
but the dimensions have been modified
for a slightly larger surface area to grip onto.

Coupled with a textured satin finish
and sigil engravings,
this pick is set to decimate
with the trigger safety stuck on full-auto.

March 2024 Batch

A new collection of 35 exclusive, limited edition guitar picks will be released for pre-order this coming Friday, April 26th, at 12 PM.

These are the anticipated version 2 picks, meticulously crafted from the rare black ultem material, noted for being the very last of its kind. The design of these picks is both sleek and functional, featuring polished bevels that enhance playability, along with a matte brushed grip for secure handling.

Each pick is distinguished by a striking red pearl engraving that adds to its unique aesthetic. For those eager to get their hands on these picks, mark your calendars for the pre-order date.

Following the pre-orders, shipping is set to commence on Wednesday, May 1st, allowing players to experience the exceptional quality of these picks firsthand.

29.5 * 24.5 * 3mm

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