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Guitar Pick Holder Keychain

Store, Protect, & Carry Your Favorite Pick
Never Lose You Pick Again

Everyone's got that one favorite pick,
the "Mojo Pick".
The one that seems to have that extra oomph.
It's the perfect shape,
maybe it has just the right amount of wear,
or it fuses to your hand like an extension of your body.

It's a tool that often stays close to us as guitar players.
As they say, "There are many like it, but this one is mine".
Something non-guitarists might not easily understand.

here's a little sanctuary for that one pick.
One to keep it safe, accountable,
and ready to rock at a moment's notice!

It's made from a durable faux leather material
that softens & wears in nicely over time.
The front is hot-stamped with the Iron Age "Sword & laurel",
and its edges are sealed to prevent fraying.

Best of all,
it's designed to open from the top
so your pick is extra secure
if the button becomes undone for whatever reason.

You can clip it to your bike/car keys,
gig-bag, or maybe even a guitar strap.

When it comes to picks:
It's better to have one, and not need it,
than to need one, and not have it.

Each is sold individually.
Additional sample picks included.
Fits up to a large 4mm "Archon", a 2.5mm "Odin's Horn" tri-pick,
or several standard picks.


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