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Brass Dog Tag

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Made In-House From Solid 1.5mm Brass
Available For Custom Engravings

Rep your favorite guitar accessories brand,
stake claim & tag your gear,
or give "man's best friend" a new gift.

These mini dog tags are made from brass stock right here in our shop.
They feature coarse brushed faces,
black painted engravings & satin edges for contrast.

Since these are made from brass,
they may patina over time and show some wear
depending on how the tag is used.
Patina can be removed with something like brasso for a clean look,
or left alone to develop some grit to its character.

These tag are also available for custom engravings on the back.
If you want it to match the front (black) engraving,
just add >this service< to your cart along with the brass tag
and select the "bare engraving" option.

We can also do glow fills if you want,
just select the respective option on the >engraving service page<

Tags are pre-cut but made to order. Please allow a couple extra days to finish or engrave them.

Approximate tag dimensions:
1.5 x 4/5 x 1/16inch (38*22*1.5mm)

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