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Iron Age Bottle Opener

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Tune Up & Pop Open A Cold One
Made In-House From Solid Brass Stock

These limited run openers were designed & are made right alongside our guitar picks.
These openers feature contrasting engravings on the front
and take on some of the Iron Age glow aesthetic with your choice of glow accents.
(Aqua, Green, or none at all)

The glow dots can be charged with a few seconds of direct sunlight
and really pop under UV blacklight.
Aqua is shown in the pictures above.

As with our guitar picks,
we took grip into account here & engraved a deep logo right around where your thumb goes.
The faces are also done in a coarse brushed finish
and there's jimping notches up top for even more grip & leverage.

So being metal,
these bottle openers should last a long time to come.
And while brass is a softer metal that may show wear from use,
it will begin to develop a patina & its own distinct character over time.

These openers can be cleaned back up using something like brasso
or left alone to show off their battle scars & tell a story.

Rep your favorite guitar accessories brand & always be at the ready.
Carry one wherever you go!

Please allow an extra day or two for processing.
Each bottle opener measures approximately 2.5 * .75 * .125in (63*19*3mm)

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