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Charles Caswell Signature Guitar Pick (v6)

Innovate & Create
Dedication That's In A Class of Its Own

If you don't already know,
Charles Caswell is the mastermind behind Berried Alive.

While not for the faint of heart,
there's no denying the extraordinary effort put into his compositions.
His over-the-top technicality & creative genius is something to behold.

From riffs that hit like a surgical sledge-hammer,
to face-melting leads across the board,
and innovative kill-switch techniques.

This very pick model has become one of Charles' go-to picks.
It's based on the limited edition "Helios-3" glow picks,
which come & go out of circulation.

Let There Be Light

For all you pick collectors out there,
this is the 6th iteration of the Berried Alive signature guitar pick!
This latest pick is being made available for pre-order to complement the new Berried Alive album - Our Own Light

This version #6 pick is crafted from acrylic similar to previous versions but features a marvelous iridescent effect.
The iridescence means it flashes from a deep blue, to vibrant green, and even pink depending on your viewing angle.
This is an effect you might see on a soapy bubble, it's seen in certain beetles, peacock feathers, & even on some gemstones like Labradorite.

Each pick is precision engraved, cut & hand-finished.
Makes for a great gift for any hardcore Berried Alive fan or collector.

Each pick is available individually.

Limited to 75 Picks

Support The Artist
Much like previous signature picks,
when you purchase one of these Berried Alive picks,
Charles & Kaylie will receive a portion of the proceeds.

If you're a fan or want to show your support for hard-working musicians,
you can show your appreciation directly & also receive an awesome collector's item.


Shipping Dates

Pre-orders open up Friday the 19th of August @ 12pm Central
Picks will begin to ship out as soon as Friday the 2nd of September

Each pick sold separately (individually).

Pick Dimensions: 28*27mm ~3mm thick

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