Charles Caswell Signature Guitar Pick (v7)

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Innovate & Create
Dedication That's In A Class of Its Own

If you don't already know, Charles Caswell is the mastermind behind Berried Alive.

While not for the faint of heart, there's no denying the extraordinary effort put into his compositions. His over-the-top technicality & creative genius is something to behold.

From riffs that hit like a surgical sledge-hammer, to face-melting leads across the board, and innovative kill-switch techniques.

This very pick model has become one of Charles' go-to picks. It's based on the limited edition "Helios-3" glow picks, which come & go out of circulation.

The Demonberry Pick - A Juicy Addition To Your Jam Sessions

Get ready, fellow pick collectors! The 7th edition of the Berried Alive signature guitar pick has arrived! And that's not all, the latest pick is now available for pre-order, which can be perfectly paired with Charles' brand new signature guitar. Don't miss out on the chance to add this exciting new pick to your collection!

Berry fans, get ready to be picked off your feet! This guitar pick is the juiciest addition to your collection yet! Hand-crafted from red glitter-infused acrylic, personally selected by Charles. It's also the first to showcase the "Demonberry" logo in sparkling gold for a berrylicious contrast.

With precision engraving, cutting, and hand-finishing, this pick is one in a melon! Perfect for gifting to your fellow Berried Alive enthusiasts, it's the berry best way to show your love for the band.

Each pick is available individually.

Support The Artist
Much like previous signature picks, when you purchase one of these Berried Alive picks, Charles & Kaylie will receive a portion of the proceeds.

If you're a fan or want to show your support for hard-working musicians, you can show your appreciation directly & also receive an awesome collector's item.


Each pick sold separately (individually).

Pick Dimensions: 28*27mm ~3mm thick

Collections: Limited Edition Guitar Picks

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