Mjölnir (Thor's Hammer) Pick

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Bring Down The Thunder
The Sign of Powerful Storm & Protector of Asgard

The Mighty "Mjölnir",
roughly pronounced as “MIOL-neer”.

Is a magical & monolithic weapon,
perhaps the best the gods of the Aesir ever had.

It's main role?
To defend the realm of Asgard high in the heavens
against intrusion of giants from the lesser worlds.

Thor is the archetype of the warrior,
and this is his thundering weapon of choice.

This is where this pick takes it inspiration.
In design & functionality.

Despite its novel design, it is a playable guitar pick.
An earth shaking one at that.

Like thor's hammer,
this is not the sharpest weapon around.

But it serves well for heavy strumming,
and tasty licks where you want to savor every last note.

Put some bass in your tone
The Mjölnir pick has a similar sound to our Imperial Series,
which are also made from cast-acrylic sourced here in the US.

But because of its broad point,
it offers more of a thicker & fuller sound.

However if you want more "bite",
and a more accentuated attack on your pick,
we can produce a satin-finish on the edges for you.

Just leave a note for us at checkout.

Thor Might Have Got The Short Handle
But this pick has got plenty of grip.

It's cut from a premium material used to make
pistol & knife grips, and we've left a brushed-finish for some added grit.

Now it does have slightly less surface area due to the hammer design.
But this pick is not intended for extreme precision playing.

Customization Options Available
Want to see the full depth of "Ragnarok"?
We can fully polish your pick to bring out the most smoldering visuals.

The pick edges or "bevels" are polished by default.
But can be done in a satin-finish if you wish.

Finally, the standard thickness is 2.5mm.

And if you wish to wear this as a pendant,
we can construct a small hole at the top of the pick for you.

**For any customization requests,
please leave a note for us at checkout.

Thor's Hammer Was More Than Just A Weapon
Just as this is more than just a guitar pick.

His Mjolnir was used to smite chaos,
as well as provide blessings & consecration.

This is a pick to smash thin tone into oblivion,
and bear the mark of those on their ascent to Valhalla.

3mm Thick

 Material pattern will vary, each pick will have unique markings.

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