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Odin's Horn Triangle Pick

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Odin's Symbol For Wisdom, Music, & Poetical Inspiration
The Power of 3 Resonates Through The Ages

It's said these horns contain a magical mead,
the mead of the poet, the "Odhroerir".

This brew was procured over 3 days by Odin
using the blood of Kvasir,
an extremely wise (then fallen) Norse god.

It was Odin's thirst for wisdom & knowledge
that brought him to make this mystical drink.

So by the power of sympathetic magic,
he too could absorb the wisdom of Kvasir,
or offer it to those he deemed worthy.

Interestingly Enough...
The theme of THREE is imbued in the essence of this guitar pick.
One point for each of the drinking horns.

The drinking horns named: Boðn, Són and Óðrerir

You get 3 times the tone,
3 times the durability,
and a smoldering symbol of Odin's Horn,
thrice great.

Curious About The Sound Characteristics?
If you're familiar with our Imperial Series,
you'll find a similar acrylic tone.

It's a glassy sound that packs a punch on the strings,
yet slips effortlessly across them.

Want something with a more aggressive attack?
Something with more bite?

We can also apply a satin-finish on the bevels of your
This results in a brighter, more defined attack,
without getting too scratchy.
**Just leave a note stating this during checkout!

Hold On Tight
This pick offers a LARGE surface area to grip onto.
Perfect for large viking hands,
or those who prefer a hefty pick.

To enhance this characteristic,
both sides are finished with a uniform brushed texture.

It provides a noteworthy two-tone appearance
that contrasts the polished edges,
and prevents slipping through even the most chaotic riffs.

A Note On The Material
This smoldering display of Ragnarok,
is a cell-cast acrylic made here in the USA.

It's of the highest quality,
being shatter-proof, chip-free,
and a premium choice used to craft knife handles & pistol

Why? Because of its established "grip" characteristics.

So if you prefer to experience the full depth
of this wonderous material,
we can also polish both faces of your pick.

You will still retain a surface that grips on tight.
If that's your choice, just leave a note with your order
during checkout & we'll make it happen.

Did We Mention How Comfortable?
This is a BIG pick.

There's plenty to hold onto,
and it's easy to hold.

And with the thicker gauges,
there's just a bit more hand relaxation going on.

If you have troubles grasping onto small objects
due to something like arthritis,
this might be a considerable option for you.

Or if you want a pick that remarkable in terms of
sound, feel, looks,
AND has plenty of grip to keep you playing comfortably.

Pick Wisely
And so the mead of the poets is contained within the THREE.

Crafted & procured from the wiser...
...Or so it's told across the campfires in the Nordland.
(Written in the wind)

Ragnarok draws nearer by the day,
but the time is ever now.

Are you ready to obtain its inspiration?

3mm Thick

Material pattern will vary, each pick will have unique markings.

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