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LF Spearhead Guitar Plectrum

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Overcome, Overpower, & Outperform

Fire Up Your Lead Channel & Plunge Into New Sonic Territory

It's the first one in & last one out.

It's our flagship Spearhead pick,
with aggressive styling & an urge to shred.

Now available in an ever-enduring thermoplastic platform.
This means less friction on the strings & extended durability that puts the rest to shame.

The attack is swift, precise, & exactly where you want it to be.
It's incredibly smooth & flowing.

Whether you're gliding across multiple strings for arpeggios
or getting ready to erupt into ferocious alternate picking.
It's all effortless with seemingly ZERO drag.

(Sounds like an invitation to crank those tubes into overdrive!)

How Does This Guitar Pick Feel

It's surprisingly soft, velvet-like, and a luxury to touch.

The subtle texture & Iron Age emblem also adds to the grip & comfort,
making this a functional pick that's geared towards performance.

However, this is only an afterthought.

Its true purpose is to keep you in the mix longer, through the most intense passages & blistering solos.

The kind that seem incomprehensible to the non-guitarist, but a fine art to those versed on the strings.

This is accomplished by allowing your hand to relax, thus minimizing fatigue & lending you a stable grasp of the situation. A viable solution even for those with occasional carpal-tunnel hand pains.

Choosing A Guitar Pick

is a very personal decision, subjective in nature.
We know this and so we extend to you a whole 90 days to experience the LFS-Spearhead for yourself.

See if it's the right choice for you.

Put it through its paces. Through crushing rhythms, insane alternate picking runs,
fret-wide sweeps, & what-have-you.

Give it all you've got, but if for whatever reason you're not 100% satisfied,
simply send it back.

Message us & we'll continually do our best
to make this a positive experience for you.

This is the Iron Age guarantee, you won't find it anywhere else.

Ready to melt some faces off?

Set your amp on standby, order your LFS-Spearhead, and get ready to flip that switch!


Size: 28*22mm (Narrow, slightly shorter than a standard 30*26 pick)
Thickness: 3mm

Material: Bearing-grade engineering plastic

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