LF Pugio

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Speed, Agility, & Durability To The Extreme
A Micro Jazz3-styled Pick That Delivers Swift Mayhem

As they say,
It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the FIGHT in the dog.

The Pugio is no slouch when it comes to laying down a fierce sonic assault,
all while retaining its grace.

Each one is finely crafted from resilient thermoplastic that's
capable of enduring a heavy-handed beating.

It simply dusts itself off & asks for more.

Constantly purchase disposable picks?
With the Pugio (Roman dagger of officers & dignitaries),
You'll have a piece of gear that will mold with you over the long run.

There might be some like it,
but this one will be Your Pick.

Are you one to test the bounds of speed & extremity?
The low-coefficient of friction makes it eager
to test the limits of smooth playability & speed.

It moves with quickness & in silence across your strings,
letting your notes ring in full, and with fluidity.

After all,
it's your playing we want to hear,
not any excess of pick scratching.

How does it feel?
One could describe it as black velvet.
It's smooth, soft, but extremely durable.

This makes for an outstanding combination of subtle texture
and extreme durability thanks to the "bearing-grade" material.

The pick not only feels great in your hand but
it's also lighting fast across the strings & glides effortlessly.

It's a wonderful feeling to simply hold & feel the texture - as to never let go.
You won't want to.

How would you know if the LFS-Pugio is the right pick for you?
Try it for a full 90 days, risk free.

Put it through its runs,
skip some strings, sweep the frets,
& test its bounds again & again.

Give it all you've got & if you're not 100% satisfied
with the offering we've crafted for you,
simply send it back.

Send us a message & we'll still do our best
to make this a memorable & positive experience for you.

Ready to kick your playing up a notch?
Order your LFS-Pugio today!

24*23mm (Slightly smaller than a 25*24 Jazz3)
Thickness: 3mm

Material: Engineering "bearing-grade" thermoplastic, self lubricating.

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