Imperator MMXXIV Plectrum - Iron Age Guitar Accessories

Imperator MMXXIV Special Edition

Iridescence & Divine Inspiration

A great artist is one who embodies ideas, feelings, or visions into the physical world. This is the basis for self expression, which becomes possible when the artist masters a skill; A medium for the communication of ideas into reality. Via the intuition, the artist receives glimpses of ideas and inspiration from a divine source, where there are no limits and creativity is infinite.

The MMXXIV Iridescent Imperator is an inspiring collaboration between the artists and craftsmen behind Kaotic Artworks and Iron Age Guitar Accessories. It is an attempt to cultivate the chaotic and dualistic nature of the universe in a tangible form to serve as a guide in your creative endeavors. Now they pass the legacy onto you, the musician.

How will you wield divine inspiration?

As our first release of the new year, we wanted nothing less than a truly unique new design. This pick far surpasses our expectations. It's made from a meticulously formulated, one of a kind Kaotic Artworks material, featuring a double sided sparkling structure. This pick shines brilliantly in a spectrum of hues, depending on what angle and light you view it.

They radiate in a full satin design with an accented Iron Age Sword and Laurel engraving for drop-proof grip. The tapered profile ensures that the pick helps you strike every note with accuracy, speed and elegance. At 4.5mm thickness, you may question if this is indeed a pick or a piece of meteor that fell from the sky. The shape is, of course, our classic Imperator, for a familiar comfort and feel.

Available Friday Feb 16 - Limit 15 Picks

BONUS: Each order will receive a free Iridescent Spearhead Pick

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