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Celtic Knot

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Enigmatic & Eternal 

The Adornment Of The Celtic Warrior

There's something about rolling the volume on that's simply satisfying. It's like a ritual that makes the statement that says "It's Go-Time".

There's no better way to emphasize this, than with a knob that allows you to adjust your levels precisely & deliberately.

Simply put, this is one heavy piece - Solid metal, and nothing flimsy about it.

If you want to upgrade the look & feel of your axe, here's a quick way to knock out 2 birds with 1 stone.

The best part is you don't have to invest in a 4k dollar instrument to enjoy such a fine luxury at your fingertips.

Each knob features an endless Celtic knot emblem that's sure to add a certain distinction to any instrument.

For an extravagant look, try the black or gold bases to add a subtle complexity to your favorite axe. A chrome base is also available for a more streamlined approach that still adds character.

Installation is nearly instantaneous, and requires no tools at all. Simply pop off the old hardware & carefully press the new Celtic Knots on.


Each knob is made to order & guaranteed to add a wondrous depth to your instrument.
Grab a couple today & make your guitar an outstanding instrument of choice.



2cm*2cm piece
Fits most common 6mm coarse potentiometers.
Sold individually, please specify quantity & count your potentiometer splines.


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