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Blue Coral Guitar Knob

From Reefs to Riffs
Add A Touch of Aquatic Aesthetic To Your Guitar

This knob is inspired by sea corals,
specifically the grooved "brain coral" that's found in
the western Atlantic and Caribbean Sea.

It features a maze-like pattern that resembles a human brain
which is where the coral's name is derived form.

The Knob
These knobs are sold individually depending on however many you need.
The tops are precision cut from a man-made composite,
(no actual corals were harmed in the making)
and are hand-finished to a semi-gloss texture.

Each knob also features a UV-reactive indicator
that glows a bright green under blacklight.
This is sure to catch some eyes on stage and pairs well with glowing fret inlays.

Overall it's a hefty knob with a weighty feel to it
and has a knurled texture that comes standard for grip.

This knob is a slip-on type with a snug fit, no side-screws.
They're for "coarse" knurled potentiometers only.
To be 100% of the fitment,
simply remove one of your existing knobs
and count the splines, they should look like this:

Each knob measures about 20mm (.79inches) in diameter,
and about 21mm (.82inches) in height.

Each knob is sold individually

Glow shots taken immediately after a quick burst of a UV flashlight

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