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Agate Stone Guitar Picks

Smooth As Glass & Amongst The Most Durable
Beveled for effortless playability on electric & acoustic guitars

Made from one of the oldest natural materials available,
these are also some of our most durable guitar picks.

These picks are made from Agate
which is a crystalline material similar to quartz crystal.

The average agate or quartz is about 7 on the "Mohs hardness scale",
which determines the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material.
For reference, diamonds have a Mohs hardness of 10, while steel (what your strings are typically made of) is usually below a 6.

This means that the pick will not be affected as much by wear-n-tear compared to traditional plastic picks.
And although the pick is harder than the strings,
Our picks are beveled in a way to reduce the friction & polished for an effortless glide.

With Iron Age stone guitar picks,
you get a sturdy pick with rounded bevels that are polished for smooth playability & a warm glassy tone.

Laser etching is now available on the backside of these picks!
Each surface etch is $5
To request this service, simply select the option (single-sided/No Fill)
From this >Engraving Service< & add it to your cart along with the pick.
More details about the service are available on that page.

Limited Edition Stone Guitar Picks

Available while supplies last.

Blue Tigers Eye Stone Pick

The extraordinary Blue Tigers Eye Stone Pick, a true masterpiece for discerning guitarists.

Crafted from genuine blue tigers eye stone, this pick not only delivers unparalleled durability but also boasts a mesmerizing chatoyant effect that adds a touch of elegance to every strum.

Its unique blend of deep blue hues, shimmering bands, and captivating iridescence makes it a standout choice for both professional musicians and collectors alike.

Crocodile Jasper (Kambaba) Stone Pick

A true gem for musicians seeking a touch of exotic beauty. Crafted from authentic Crocodile Jasper, this pick showcases distinct green patterns with contrasting orange hues, creating a striking visual appeal that is unmatched.

Each pick is meticulously carved to perfection, ensuring optimal grip and control during intense playing sessions.

Unleash your artistic expression and embrace the mesmerizing allure of the Crocodile Jasper Stone Pick, a remarkable addition to any guitarist's collection.

Part of our Top 10 Best Guitar Picks. Click to see more!

Standard - 31*26.5*2.5mm
Jazz - 26*25*2.5mm

Each pick sold separately.

Notice: Despite their excellent playing durability,
agate can be fragile when dropped on hard surfaces like concrete or marble.
Please handle with care.

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