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Agate Stone Guitar Picks

Smooth As Glass & Amongst The Most Durable
Beveled for effortless playability on electric & acoustic guitars

Made from one of the oldest natural materials available,
these are also some of our most durable guitar picks.

These picks are made from Agate
which is a crystalline material similar to quartz crystal.

The average agate or quartz is about 7 on the "Mohs hardness scale",
which determines the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material.
For reference, diamonds have a Mohs hardness of 10, while steel (what your strings are typically made of) is usually below a 6.

This means that the pick will not be affected as much by wear-n-tear compared to traditional plastic picks.
And although the pick is harder than the strings,
Our picks are beveled in a way to reduce the friction & polished for an effortless glide.

With Iron Age stone guitar picks,
you get a sturdy pick with rounded bevels that are polished for smooth playability & a warm glassy tone.

Laser etching is now available on the backside of these picks!
Each surface etch is $5
To request this service, simply select the option (single-sided/No Fill)
From this >Engraving Service< & add it to your cart along with the pick.
More details about the service are available on that page.

Standard - 31*26.5*2.5mm
Jazz - 26*25*2.5mm

Each pick sold separately.

Notice: Despite their excellent playing durability,
agate can be fragile when dropped on hard surfaces like concrete or marble.
Please handle with care.
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