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Graphite Plectrums, Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks

New Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks

April 05, 2016 0 Comments

Rev up your BPMs! After only 2 short limited runs last year, our 100% carbon fiber guitar picks are back!

Here at Iron Age, we're always searching for a fresh perspective & innovative ways to change the way you connect with your music. While we tend to favor more natural materials, this time we're taking a more modern approach.

As you may know, carbon fiber (or graphite fiber) is composed of tightly woven fibers which are only a few micrometers in diameter but extremely strong. Carbon Fiber is essentially stronger than steel, but lighter than aluminum.It's a material commonly found in the aerospace industry & a prime choice for various exotic high-end vehicles.

The reason for its popularity, is because of its high strength-to-weight ratio. This makes it a super tough material while weighing close to nothing.

Look, Feel, Sound

When CF is used to make a pick, the result is a guitar pick that is unusually rigid while keeping a more familiar thin profile. Perfect for those that would like a stiff pick but prefer the feel & playing of something along the lines of .73mm in thickness.


Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks, Graphite Plectrums Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks, Graphite Plectrums


Only a couple of batches were made last year and they were a huge hit, this is why we've decided to bring em back as a regular line-up. Only this time they've been revised for extra grip with the addition of two grip holes.

Two of our own versions of a standard & jazzIII shape have also been made available to best suit your playing style. Not only do they look & feel nice, but they deliver a crispy tone that's satisfying even on an acoustic guitar. The best way to describe this is an instant & satisfying snap when you pluck the strings. They have a bright attack & overall tone, almost as if they were made of metal.

How They're Made

It all starts with a solid sheet of carbon fiber, no laminates are used to prevent any fraying or delamination. These .60mm thick sheets of CF are then precision-cut to our exact specifications. Here is where many simple vendors end their process, if they have a process at all.

What sets our carbon fiber picks apart from many other jagged & unrefined "pick blanks" out there, is that even though our picks are machine cut, every single one is hand finished. They all feature a nicely smoothed bevel for a fluid attack & release off the strings. There's no scratchy & half done none-sense here, no splintering, or delaminating. We only offer top quality materials with an attention to detail towards playability.


Interested in trying a couple out for yourself?
Here's a few things other players have said about them:


Very impressed. I own many different types of picks and this one just became my favorite.

-Ryan W.

These are just excellent quality. Very attractive picks.

-Daniel H.

I was amazed at how thin but rigid it was. It's nice and sharp with good grip.

-Donna K.


For purchasing info, clicking here: Try These NEW Picks



100% Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks

Have you tried them out yet?

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