Spearhead 2021 Special Edition - Iron Age Guitar Accessories

Spearhead MMXXI Special Edition

An Epitome of Unprecedented Proportions
Ushering into a New Age with One Of The Most Distinguished Picks Yet

Red, White, & Black.
This pick holds the Iron Age Standard high.

This is our 3rd time breaking into the new year with a very special offering.
For 2021 we celebrate the ending of a difficult year for all.
Many changes have occurred throughout the world without a doubt,
but hopefully you too retain the spirit to charge onwards & upwards.

This round of MMXXI Spearheads is made from Fordite;
A material like no other that's created from automotive paint
that's been layered over time & baked into a solid over time.

Fordite shares visual similarities with agate & various ores.
Where some feature multi-colored banding,
others (like this one) show droplet-esque patterns.

On the downside,
Fordite is typically too soft to make a functional pick out of.
This is why we've designed our own solution
and developed composite tips for the softer materials we use.

The result is an amazing looking product
that's precision cut & meticulously hand-finished.
One that's not only an aesthetic paragon,
but also a functional piece to enjoy.

Each special edition Spearhead measures approximately
29*23 - think of it like an elongated jazz pick.
Each features a UV-reactive Sword & Laurel inlay that glows an aqua blue.
Also featured are debossed "Iron Age" & "MMXXI" engravings
to further differentiate from any of our other "Spearhead" picks.
Each pick is finished in a velvety satin finish.

Limited to 18 Picks for 2021
Each pick will be totally unique,
no two will be the same,
nor scheduled for a 2nd batch further down the line.

First 5 Orders will receive a small "Iron Age MMXXI" Pendant
made from the same pick material as a bonus.

29*23 ~5.5mm Thick
Each pick sold separately


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