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Rudy Ayoub "0-3-5" Signature Picks

Fire In The Sky
Many have heard it, few have mastered it...

Iron Age Guitar Accessories is happy to announce the creation
of the Rudy Ayoub “0-3-5” Signature Guitar Pick!

So why these three numbers???
We're referring to the epic tablature notation known as "0-3-5"
or Smoke on the Water as some might know it as.

And according to the Rudyverse...

"The inexplicable power of 035 is believed to lie in its ability to be played in an awkward situation,
that can not be resolved in any other way.
This phenomenon is often accompanied by a distortion of sound and image/video,
but also the spacetime itself."

We're joking of course,
however here's what some people are saying.

"Yeah... it was weird.
I wasn't expecting it, but I heard it.
The whole house did. My cat freaked out.
I broke down and then felt sad for sixty-nine days afterwards."

"Ooh, I know about it,
I wasn't expecting it, though.
'Smoke on the Water'... yeah that's what it's called.
It cured my depression."

Surely that's enough convincing to burn the sky down & smoke out the water right?

Well Rudy himself approves.
Even if you're not into thicker picks,
give them a try & you might be amazed at the seamless transition

“I thought the thickness would be in the way of smoothness...
I started using my Iron Age pick and I didn’t even notice that I changed picks.”
-Rudy Ayoub

This new artist series pre-orders are available in sets of 2.
Each pick is crafted from green cast acrylic and
features golden (and ominous) "0-3-5" engravings,
a combo chosen by Mr. Ayoub himself.

It features sleek, polished faces and sharp bevels cut and finished to perfection.
It’s also one of our thinnest custom picks at a thickness of 1.5mm.
Also available in sets of 4 or 6 picks per order.

Pre-orders begin shipping on Friday July 9th
A portion of the proceeds will go to support Rudy
and his YouTube Channel which you can follow here:
Rudy Ayoub

Sold in pairs
(2, 4, or 6 picks)



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