[LE] P.O.D. (Ver2)

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Destined To Rock
A Pick Of Legendary Proportions

There's many POD replicas out there,
but none quite like this.

These are the latest version
which are crafted from a solid sheet of cast acrylic,
feature UV reactive glow engravings,
and now available in 3 unique color options.
(Each sold individually or as a 3-pc set)

The grip on a pick like this is bar-none.
The entire design is deeply engraved & easy to hold,
with a brushed texture on both sides to keep it firmly planted.

Unlike other replicas, these are meant to be played.
Meant to deliver some crushing power-chords
and have you rocking harder than any mere mortal.

Don't sleep too long on it though.
Previous batches have proven that they can be here today,
and gone tomorrow (quick, fast & in a hurry).

Please be aware that this listing is for PRE-ORDERS.
The blanks have already been cut from the raw materials & the quantities are set.

It has taken a few days to cut out each & every blank that will be used.
And it will take few more
for each pick to be sanded by hand & beveled for optimal playability.

These pre-orders are scheduled to ship out in small batches starting November 1st and for the remainder of the month.
To cut down on wait times, we will begin shipping these as soon as they're made instead of finishing the entirety of the batch & shipping it all on a single day.
Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received.

In Summary:

  • 300 Total picks will be available (100 of each color)
  • Made from cast acrylic, precision-machined accurate design, & hand-finished.
  • Picks are playable but also make for an awesome necklace or key-chain!
  • UV reactive glow-in-the-dark engravings
  • Shipping starts November 1st & continues on throughout the month

3mm thick

*Each pick sold individually unless purchased as a set
** Can be drilled to turn into a pendant,
just leave an "order note" in the slight-out cart.
(No Extra charge)
***UV Glow charges with direct sunlight or under UV Blacklight