Mystery Guitar Plectrum - Iron Age Guitar Accessories

Mystery Pick

Take A Gamble - Roll The Dice
From Uncommon, To Rare, To One-of-a-kind

By checking this item out,
you will receive a randomly selected pick.
(Handcrafted of course)

I often keep prototypes laying around,
or variations of stock picks...

Occasionally I'll make one-offs
which don't get posted on Instagram
or the quantity is too small for a new listing.
(It takes a lot of time & energy to create a new concept,
snap & edit photos, and write detailed descriptions)

Sometimes I even save 1 or 2 picks
from limited editions.
(You know, just in case one gets lost
or doesn't come out just right)

Whatever the case,
it's all game.

So by trading your Denarii points for this item,
you can get anything from a stock pick,
to something limited edition,
or maybe even something totally unique.

Are you feeling lucky?
Take a chance.
Fortune favors the bold after all,


To claim: Redeem the required points through the "Imperator Program" panel to receive the matching promo code. Add this to your cart & apply the code there. Standard international fees may apply.

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