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Custom "Iron Mandate" Pick

Iron - It's in our blood
Mandate - The official order to carry out a course of action

It's your turn to step into the design role.
Envision the perfect pick for yourself & call the shot.

This pick is an Imperator Program Exclusive,
where you can exchange Denarii points for a 
100% custom pick service.

You Choose The Specs
Do you want a certain pick shape?

How about a specific thickness?
Can do, these can be made anywhere from 2.5 - 8mm

Do you prefer a certain finish?
Done, polished - satin - brushed - or a bit rough around the edges

How about engravings?
Certainly! - Your logo or text can be engraved on 1 or both sides

And of course those engravings can filled
with the signature Iron Age glow colors (Aqua or Green),
as well as non-glow pearl pigments (Red, Blue, Green, Gold, or Silver)

Matchless - Unrivaled - Exquisite
Whatever you can dream up for your pick,
I'll do my best to make it a reality.

This is an exclusive service for the true fans,
for a totally unique one-of-a-kind guitar pick.

There might be just a handful of similar ones,
but absolutely none exactly like yours.

This is not your average pick,
even by Iron Age specs.
This is a custom poured resin material
made specifically with the Red, White, & Black standard.
And less than a dozen custom picks will be offered.

How To Claim - Do you have the credits required?
Sign into your Imperator Program panel (floating red crow icon)
to find out ("Ways to Spend" Section).
If the reward is available, simply redeem for a code through the panel.
Then, copy the code & add this item to your cart.
Finally, checkout as usual & paste the code into the "promo code" section.
(Doing so will fully waive the cost of this item, making it free)

Once you've done that,
send me an e-mail will all of your desired specs (contact form in the footer),
any engraving logos/text, & include the order # in the subject line.
I'll get back to you asap & we can go back/forth on putting this together.

Points aren't quite there yet?
Additional credits can be earned by placing other orders,
referring friends to the Iron Age brand,
and also writing reviews for past purchases.
>Click Here< to learn more about the program itself.

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