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Guitar Pick Maker Business Consulting

Transform Your Hobby Into A Thriving Work-From-Home Business

Uncover the secrets that most pick makers don’t know…

Do you feel stuck in your day job? Have you always wanted to start your own business but had too many questions, or were afraid to get started? What if you could pave your own way in life by creating your own handcrafted plectrum business?

You could work whenever you wanted to, work from home, and unlock a whole new world of possibilities for your earning potential. Ultimately you would have a new sense of freedom & flexibility working for #1 (you!)

Skip the annoying alarm & wake up feeling a burning motivation to get your day started as a craftsman, pick maker, and entrepreneur. Rest easy at night knowing you gave it your all and made musicians & enthusiasts happy with your work. Owning a successful handcrafted pick-making business has many benefits & perks, and Iron Age can help you unlock them quicker to get the life you deserve.

This ideal life is possible, but not without its challenges. It requires a strong desire for personal growth, drive, vision, and learning the fine details of running a business. Below we list some questions that you may face as a new business owner:

  • What are the best tools to use to maximize my efficiency?
  • How do I get more traffic to my website? What platform should I use?
  • Where should I sell my guitar picks to gain the most sales?
  • How do I differentiate my brand from & express my own style?
  • What should I charge to maximize my profits?
  • What’s the most effective way to ship packages? How do I ship internationally?
  • How do I obtain wholesale clients to keep a steady workflow?
  • What should I be focusing on in my current situation?

These, among others, are major concerns that unfortunately take hours of research to answer or years of trial & error. We want to help you eliminate as many hurdles as possible so you can spend less time worrying & more time making fine plectrums.

How We Can Help

The good news is, you don’t have to waste your time, effort, and money on a steep learning curve. As distinguished pick makers, we’ve seen and been through it all & our results speak for themselves (Check out our images above!). We can share our experience and knowledge with you so you can step up to the front of the line and begin innovating in the industry.

Here’s what we can teach you:

  • Artist & influencer partnerships - How to attract artists or influencers to represent & promote your new business while you focus on making the best picks possible.
  • Branding - How to find your vision & stand out from the crowd in a way that’s memorable.
  • Marketing - How to present yourself in the best way to attract new customers and bring in sales.
  • Mindset - From book and content recommendations to positive thinking, we will share the mindset that banished our doubts and got us to the top!
  • Sales - How to boost your orders and create an automated salesman, so you can ring up sales while you sleep.
  • Manufacturing Processes - We can show you how to make picks faster & at a higher quality with less stress so your business runs at maximum efficiency.
  • How To Price - Charge what you’re worth with our easy to deploy pricing strategies.
  • Best Way To Ship - We can teach you what mailing services to use & how to package & things to avoid.
  • What Machines Do You Need - What machinery is actually needed? What’s the best tool for the job? What do you need to look out for? We won’t let you waste a cent on unnecessary expenses.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Not a social media person? Don't want to spend money on ads? We can teach you how to get found organically on google.
  • Wholesaling - How to land wholesaling gigs, what to charge & how to ship it all.
  • PLUS MUCH MORE! With Iron Age you'll learn the fresh perspectives that will unlock new possibilities & how to create the foundational systems to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. We’ll provide the deeply thought solutions that you won’t find anywhere else that are geared towards pick making & your business specifically.

Ready to take your operation to the next level?

We’re currently accepting business consultations in 45-minute sessions or multiple sessions if you need more time to figure things out. This saves you time & money in the long run, and can be considered an investment in your future.

We’re still operating Iron Age in the day-to-day, starting a marketing agency, & building websites in our free time, so our availability is limited for sure. We love to talk theory but ultimately we're also about action, so stop spinning your wheels & lets get some traction going!


If you want to pick our brains & jump-start your business,
Simply do the following:

  1. Order the desired amount of 45-minute sessions
  2. Set your desired call times using this calendly link ( & include your top 3 concerns which we'll mainly focus on but will expand from there.
  3. We’ll then email you to confirm the times, hop on a call with you, & email you some follow-up information/advice on the topics we discuss if needed.

Why We're Offering This Service

You might think that there is a conflict of interest in this matter, but actually, the reason we're wanting to provide this sort of service is because we intend on moving away from guitar pick making altogether.

While we've overcome many challenges & learned a lot over the past 8 years,
I (Alex) personally feel like it's time to try something different., this time with a digital service-based venture.

I just want to make this clear that there is no intention on producing any guides or courses on guitar pick making. I simply don't have the time nor see it as a great return on investment. Once we're out of here in the next year or so, this specialized knowledge will be lost.

So with one final call to action,
if you want some of your pain points addressed, want to learn how I do things, or just looking for new ideas - Schedule a call & we'll find a solution for you.

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