Macassar Ebony Spearheads (Single Picks)

Shred Till Your Strings Are Dead

Boost your tone with a pick that's as sharp as its looks.

Named after its Indonesian habitat,

Macassar is a timber saved for high-end cabinetry & guitars.

Its chocolate & caramel-colored hues, are mouth-watering to say the least.


You'll be pleasantly surprised to see what we mean.

(Just please resist temptation to eat one)


You see under their luxurious appearance,

are picks designed with precision in mind.


It all starts with the porous nature of the wood.

It's what keeps our spearheads locked in your hand & off the floor.

Whether you're searing through hot leads, or carving out exotic arpeggios, spearheads grip on tight.


Not into fretboard acrobatics? No worries.

These picks work just as well for all styles of music.

(That includes Blues, Jazz, and Acoustic too!)


So not only does a solid grip come as a standard feature,

lets talk tone.


It's one of the most cost-effective ways to modify you sound.

It's a pleasant change at that.

Once that will bring out a warmer sound (without muddying the waters).


Some happy customers even go as far as to say:

"The Tone Is Unmatched".

It's definitely note-worthy (see the numerous reviews below).


That's great, but how do they feel?

Well, despite their thicker gauge (about 2.5mm give or take),

these spearheads are remarkably lightweight.


There's virtually no flex,

and coupled with their grippy texture,

offer a flat-out comfortable hold.


One that's conductive to precision picking and without the gimmicks.


Interested in trying some for yourself?

Satisfy your curiosity today & add 1 or 2 to your cart today.


And even if you've played the same style of picks for many years,

you might be surprised to find yourself a new favorite!


Each pick is sold individually & includes a couple complementary Iron Age delrin picks, as well as a carry pouch. Perfect for storing your collection or as a gift to a good friend.


All picks come with a 30-day risk-free guarantee (We've got you covered).

So if you're not satisfied for any reason,

we'll set the record straight at no extra cost to you.

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