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Macassar Ebony Spearheads
Pick Set (2pc)

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Shred Till Your Strings Are Dead. 

Named after its Indonesian habitat, Handcrafted from some of our hardest Exotic Woods Macassar Ebony, these picks are designed for precision & speed!

Its chocolate & caramel colored hues are mouth watering to say the least.They feature an aggressive profile & our signature double-sided engravings for heightened pick control & agility.
The Macassar Ebony has a more "woody" feel & naturally warm tone, with a sharp attack

Each set includes a total of 2 Macassar Ebony.
If you're looking for a heavy hitter with the same precision & extra durability,
check out our Bone & Horn Spearheads.

These Spearhead Exotic Picks Feature:

  • Double the tone, with 1 of the hardest wood available: Macassar Ebony.
  • Extremely sharp beveled point for precision picking & speed.
  • Signature Iron Age grip carvings ( Olive Branches & Triple Tiwaz Warrior Rune) for added grip & picking control
  • Aggressive styling that just makes you want to shred!
  • 2 handcrafted picks per set, Approximately 2.75mm thick & tapered down to 1mm on the striking edge.

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