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Imperial Blue Guitar Knob

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These Knobs Are Elegance & Simplicity Rolled Into One
A quick & easy way to customize your guitar and make it truly yours

Not just for guitar picks anymore.
The pearlescent "Imperial" blue is now available
for customizing your favorite guitar.

It's a subtle upgrade to most stock guitar knobs,
and its installation can be done in no-time flat.

Upon closer inspection
you'll notice a swirling storm of vibrant blue hues.
The darker streaks also produce a nice contrast,
and the eye-catching pearlescence takes depth to a whole new level.

Pick one up & you'll instantly notice the weighty feel.
The knob bases are heavy & feel substantial in your hand.
And coupled with the knurled texture, you get a good grip
every time you go to swell the volume or roll the tone back.

Glow In The Dark
One of the more distinct features however,
is the UV-reactive glowing indicator dot.
It's available in either aqua blue or green glow.
(or blank if you prefer neither)

The glow inlays are made in-house
to the standard used in Iron Age guitar picks.
They can be charged with sunlight,
(most flashlights work ok too)
but instantly come to life under UV blacklight.

It's a considerable addition, especially for those with glowing side-markers.

These knobs are the slip-on type with a snug fit & do NOT use a side-screw.
They are for "coarse" knurled potentiometers only.

These knobs will not fit Imperial-sized (fine spline) potentiometers like CTS.
To be 100% of the fit,
simply remove one of your existing knobs
and count the splines, they should look like this:
Iron Age Coarse Knurled Guitar Knob Potentiometers

Each knob measures about 20mm (.79inches) in diameter,
and about 21mm (.82inches) in height.

Each knob is sold individually

Glow shots taken immediately after a quick burst of a UV flashlight

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