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Ragnarok "B-Stock" Picks

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Same Build Quality At A Lower Cost
Picks with more black pearl & less fiery accents

Here you can find the entire "Ragnarok" pick collection under one roof.
These picks are ones that didn't quite make the cut for their respective listings.

These picks are made exactly like the top grade models,
however they lack some of the more distinct red accents.
The result is a pick that leans closer to a black pearl acrylic,
although some will have minimal red markings as well.

Each one is still precision cut for consistency
& carefully hand-finished to provide a smooth playing experience.

These picks still feature the glowing engravings
which glow in the dark after exposure to UV light,
such as direct sunlight or while under a blacklight.

The bevels are still polished to pristine gloss,
and the faces feature a coarse brushed finish to aid in grip.

Since these picks were collected over several batches,
the gauges might not be exactly the same every time.
The thickness will vary from 2.5mm to 3.5mm
However if you want a specific gauge,
please let us know in the "order notes" box
that's located in the slide-out cart.

Reverse finishes, full polishes,
or full satin finishes can also be requested.

Pick Dimensions:

  • Fenrir's Fang: 34*22mm
  • Gungnir, Odin's Spear: 35*30mm
  • Gjallarhorn: 29*25mm
  • Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer: 28*36mm
  • Odin's Horn: 36*36mm

*Each Pick Is Sold Separately
**Only the "Full Set" option includes all 5 models.

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