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Gjallarhorn Tri-Pick

The Prized Trumpet & Treasure Of The Gods
Its Resounding Blast Will Be Heard In ALL Worlds

Ragnarok is the final battle between good and evil.
And It's the "Gjallarhorn",
the "Resounding Horn",
which signals the end of all.

It's said that the guardian-god Heimdall
is the keeper of this legendary instrument.

He's the ever-vigilant sentry that guards the bridge to Asgard.
He requires less sleep than a deer,
and can see for hundreds of miles afar (day or night).
His hearing is so fine-tuned,
he can hear the grass grow,
and every whisper of the wind,
and the turning of the leaves.

And when the time runs dire,
the fire (& Ice) giants of the lesser worlds wil approach this bridge.

In an instant,
the Gjallarhorn will roar across all 9 dimensions,
and every god, and every living being,
will know that doomsday has arrived...
The dawn of Ragnarok.

The Latest & Final Addition
Due to many requests for a smaller tri-pick,
the Gjallarhorn was brought forth.

It measures up to the high regard of the Ragnarok Series:
There is of course, the flawlessly polished bevels,
and also the brushed faces which give these picks their signature grip.
Would you rather have a fully polished pick?
(Just leave a note with your request at checkout)

A Sublime Green Glow
Like the rest in the series,
this pick features UV reactive glow accents,
which have become a trademark of Iron Age picks.

The centerpiece is the arcane symbol known as the "Valknut"(VAL-knoot).
By some, it's known as the knot of the fallen.
It's a token of commemoration to the slain,
and surrounded by the various runes of the Elder Futhark.

Size Specs & Playability
The exact dimensions are 29*29mm.
It's smaller than the Odin's Horn or Archon tri-picks,
but still a fair size.

For reference, our "regular" 351-shaped picks measure 29*25mm.

This current batch of Gjallarhorns,
measures in at about 3mm thickness.

It's plenty thick for a beefy tone,
and small enough to be nimble.

But because of its thicker gauge,
you might also notice a slight relaxation in the way you grasp your pick.

All three edges are carefully tapered by hand,
and perfectly polished for a flawless glide across the strings.
(on all points)

So no worries there.
It's a pick that's as functional as it is distinct.

And if you prefer a little grit in the way your pick moves across the strings,
you can also opt to have the bevels finished in a matte satin texture.
Again, just leave a note with your request during checkout.

If there is a beginning and an end to the Norse apocalypse,
the Gjallarhorn is surely its ominous sign - The Gatekeeper

Order yours today & prepare to make the 9 worlds tremble.

  • Fiery bold looks
  • BIG resounding tone
  • Illuminated rune accents
  • A unique playing experience all around
  • Custom engravings on backside available >here<

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