Featured Guitar Picks - GoT "Stark Winterfell" Stone Plectrums

Winter Is Coming - Play Us A Song Of Ice...

Fight on, no matter how harsh the storm, or piercing the winds.

Iron Age's latest addition to the Game of Thrones lineup is features the sigil of the direwolf and the motto of one of the great houses of Westeros.

This maxim is a warning of impending tribulation, and a counsel for endurance.
Fans of GOT will not only enjoy the exquisite sounds and playability of a luxurious stone guitar pick, but also harness the strength and perseverance of the Great Stark House.

For the pick's material, it was only fitting that we chose icy blue Agate, whose properties include stability, so you can be unmoved by any obstacle thrown your way.

These stone plectrums are playable & feature a soft rounded bevel,
polished finish, & enhanced grip due to the etched engraving.

Measure approx: 30*26.5 & 2.75mm Thick
Each sold separately

 Notice: Despite their excellent playing durability,
stone picks can be fragile when dropped on hard surfaces like concrete or marble.
Please handle with care.

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About Past Plectrums

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