Fenrir's Fang Acrylic Plectrum - Iron Age Guitar Accessories

Fenrir's Fang Pick

Break Free Of The Chains That Bind
The Wolf That Ran Wild In a Fierce Battle-Surge

Its gnashes at the sky,
and devours all across its path.

Nothing is safe before him,
not even the fate of Odin himself.

This is the fang of the beast,
sharp & precise.

It's capable of ravenous speed,
and bone crunching riffs.

Because of its glowing runes & howling depiction,
it can be spotted even in the darkest of settings.

It's certainly a different animal.

Grip on tight
This pick features a brushed finish across both faces,
leaving a uniform look & staying put when you need it most.
That means less slippage and more contol.

Tone That's Gritty or Slick & Fluent
As a standard, the Ragnarok Series is finished with polished bevels.
They offer ultra-smooth playability & a killer visual depth.
This also gives the lowest friction & produces the cleanest sound.

However if you're looking for more presence & bite,
we can also do your bevels in a satin finish.

Premium Cast Materials
We're venturing into new realms again,
with the use of knife handle & pistol grip acrylics.

These are the highest quality plastics.
US-made, chip-resistant, shatter proof, & with a solid durability.

Not to mention they offer a magnificent depth,
& grip on tight whether they're brushed or polished.

So if you want to see the full extend of this brilliant material,
we can also polish both pick faces for you.

Just leave a note with your order.
Faces & bevels can be polished or satin-finished if you prefer.
(Polished bevels & a brushed face will be sent if you leave no preference)

An Exclusive Experience
Each pick is of course unique,
and no two ever have the same visual characteristics.

As far as consistency is concerned,
you can expect our focused intent in creating the very best for you.

Each pick is to receive the same attention to detail as the last,
and made to deliver exceptional playability & finish.

Ready To Wield The Fang Of The Wolf?
The very beast to have swallowed Odin to his end?

Capture yours today from the very field of Vigridr.
Consider it a token of vengeance from Odin's son, Vidarr.
The slayer of this mighty creature.

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3mm Thick

Material pattern will vary, each pick will have unique markings.

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