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A Monumental Trifecta of a Pick

Grip, Tone, & Comfort

It's the bridge between you and your instrument. It's too often overlooked, yet surprising when examined in depth.

It's this small piece of gear could be the ticket to a more pleasant sound, and a smoother flow in your playing.

The Guitar Pick Benefits

Grip, this pick has plenty of it.

Apart from the etchings, it features a matte finish that's velvety smooth but grabs on tight. These picks are solid & dense, you actually feel like you're holding onto something of substance.

That brings us to comfort. Because of their respective thicknesses, there's a bit of extra hand relaxation going on.

It's easy to hold a pick like this in your grasp. There's no strain, it just feels right at home.

And the sound? If you've ever played a bone pick, it's very similar in tone.

You can expect a boost in the midrange & overall sound, with our simulated ivory also bringing out some higher frequencies.

Perhaps it's the satin-like finish, but there's a slight bite to these. It can be described as dialing up your presence knob just a hint.

Guitar Pick Dimensions & Sizing Specs

So there's 2 identical models, small & large.

For those with preference for smaller picks, that model is about 28*28mm. So it's right in between our J3 & JXL models.

The larger size stands at a 32*32mm dimension, which is only slightly bigger than a standard 351-styled pick.

Both models are available in a beefy 4mm thickness, and can be customized down to a 2.5mm thickness if you choose.

**Please leave a note at checkout as to what thickness you would like, or a default thickness of 4mm will be sent out to you.

Made To Order

Each of these picks is handcrafted only after you place your order. It's gives it more meaning when it's being made specifically for you, than simply filling in the stock.

Great care is taken to perfect the bevels, & ultimately your playing experience.

This is what makes even the thicker 4mm picks playable,and the thinner 2.5's a joy to strum.

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