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Archon Acrylic Guitar Pick

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The Ruler Of The Big 3
Distinct Tone, Grip, & a Comfortable Hold


If you're looking for a BIG tri-pick, seek no more.

The Archon is king when it comes to a chunky resonant sound,
a large surface area to grip onto, and an easy to hold profile.

And you essentially get 3 picks in 1, even more durability to you!

It all starts with the innovative use of materials used for their inherent "grip qualities".

Each pick is handcrafted from the highest quality acrylic used in manufacturing knife handles & pistol grips.

With a clean hand, you can expect this Archon to lock right into place (between your fingers), even with its highly polished finish.

This is also aided by its larger surface area,
and "Iron Age" logo centerpiece.

Adding to the Archon's unique look, is its various aqua-glow accents. Shine some UV rays or blacklight on this pick & watch it radiate some cool blue hues.

As far as sound goes, its massive size aids in a more resonant sound that's great for strumming chords & getting the most out of each single note.
It's a glassy tone with brilliance in overtones.

Sizing Specifications
This is one of our biggest picks yet.

It measures about 34.5mm (3.5cm/1.38in) in distance from point to point. It's quite a bit of difference when compared to our standard "351" shaped pick which is 30*26mm

This is a pick to consider for bigger hands & even those looking for a solid bass guitar pick.

The Archon's thickness sits at a hefty 3.5mm,
however the edges are carefully hand beveled to ensure a slick & playable surface.

The Archon - It Rules
Check out this large tri-pick today & all its outstanding features.

  • Massive resonant tone
  • Mesmerizing pearlescent looks
  • Illuminated Accents
  • Inherent grip & comfort to keep you playing for hours on end.

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