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Roman Red Guitar Knob

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The Color of Triumph
Customize your guitar with a bold look in no time at all

What is a "triumph"?

A Roman Triumph was a public ceremony in ancient Rome
to celebrate the success of a military commander
who had led the state forces to victory.

The general would don a crown of laurel,
dress in purple & gold regalia,
and was known to paint the face RED.
(The color of Rome's most prominent deity, Mars)

In essence,
the Vir Trimphalis
or "man of triumph"
was celebrated as king for a day,
and just out of reach from divinity.

The Knobs
much like the Imperial Blue knobs,
these feature a deep pearlescent color
and a "cat's eye" chatoyant effect.
So no matter what angle you see these from,
there's a rich & powerful color jumping out at you.

The knobs also feel substantial in your hand.
You'll notice that as soon as you pick one up,
they are HEAVY.

Each one features a knurled texture
so you have a strong grip every time
you're ready to rock & roll.

UV Glow
Perhaps the most distinct feature though,
is the UV-reactive dot inlays.

They are available in an aqua blue or green glow.
They can be charged with sunlight,
(most flashlights work ok too)
but instantly radiate a vibrant color under UV blacklight.

These knobs are the slip-on type with a snug fit.
They are for "coarse" knurled potentiometers only.
To be 100% of the fitment,
simply remove one of your existing knobs
and count the splines, they should look like this:
Iron Age Coarse Knurled Guitar Knob Potentiometers

Each knob measures about 20mm (.79inches) in diameter,
and about 21mm (.82inches) in height.

Each knob is sold individually

Glow shots taken immediately after a quick burst of a UV flashlight

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