Flamma Ultem Guitar Pick

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Performance Over Everything

For Those That Live For The Roar Of The Crowd

The final plectrum in the gladiator collection is "Flamma" or "Flame", named after the legendary gladiator of the same name. He's esteemed for having won his freedom in the arena not once, not twice, but FOUR times.

Yet all 4 times he declined and chose to fight another day in the sands of the Colosseum. It seems that the great Flame's only wish was to die in the arena to the roars of his beloved crowd.

To live up its name, the Flamma pick is also focused on endurance & top performance.
It's built from a tough Ultem (polyetherimide) material, features a comfortable grip, & has a sharp tapered point for precision playing.

An Iron Grip

This pick also leaves no stone unturned as far as grip is concerned. It features a brushed texture, grip holes, a deep engraved logo, and a 3mm tapered profile with plenty of surface area that's comfortable to hold.

If you like larger plectrums or have large hands, this pick is going to fit like a glove when grasped in your hand. For those that have issues with guitar picks slipping or trouble grasping thin picks, the Flamma is also an excellent choice to ponder.

Precise Playability

This plectrum features a razor sharp tapered profile for precise & articulate playing.
Let every note ring out to its fullest or hammer out some crunchy rhythms, this can do it all.

The polished ambidextrous bevels not only provide a classy contrast, but also give the pick a glassy feel when gliding across the guitar strings.


If you're looking for a durable luxury guitar pick that will help take your playing to new heights, look no further than the Flamma.

It's made from a tough polymer, has several grip enhancements, and is crafted to perform flawlessly. 

Jump in the fray & order yours today!

Guitar Pick Features:

  • Tough Ultem Construction
  • Brushed Texture, Holes, & Engraved For Enhanced Grip
  • UV-Reactive Glowing Engraving (Aqua)
  • Sharp & Tapered Profile For Precision Picking
  • Large Surface Area & 3mm Comfortable Hold
  • Polished Bevels For Smooth Glassy Tone

Dimensions: 35*30*3mm

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