Legio Ferrata Series - Performance Guitar Picks

Legio Ferrata Series - Performance Guitar Picks

June 06, 2016 0 Comments

After hearing many requests by heavy-handed players & fretboard shredders, we've begun formulating a series of guitar picks that will keep pace with all you hard-chargers.

We're now proud to unveil our new Legio Ferrata Series (LFS), or "Iron Clad Legion" Performance Picks.

They're designed to keep you playing longer, faster, & more comfortably. How do we intend to accomplish this? By using a very resilient thermoplastic as our platform.

Its got an unbelievable resistance to abrasion whereas it tends to glide even on sandpaper! The extremely low friction property will have it sliding off the strings almost instantly to maximize your picking efficiency and minimize unwanted pick noise.

However, don't worry about it affecting your grip. These have a velvet-like finish that not only feels amazing, but has a strange quality that lets you to dig into the pick without slippage. Check out the video below to see just how each one is being made. This is just 1 of the 3 models to come.

See The LFS

"Ironclad Legion" Guitar Picks In Action:




The Three Models Now Available


The Pugio - A highly decorated Roman dagger. Often carried by legionnaire officers & other dignitaries of the Roman Empire. A small but very agile pick.

The Spearhead - Our signature offering, now upgraded to outperform & over-deliver. Ready to shred at a moments notice - The Iron Age flagship.

The Centurion - A Roman officer in charge of 100 men. They sought to display the skill and courage that fueled the legion by leading from the front. The centurion was chosen for his size, strength and dexterity in battle; in short for his expertness in the field. This is a solid pick that's great all around, from rhythm to lead.  


Legio Ferrata Pugio Guitar Plectrum

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