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The NEW Imperial Series Guitar Picks

The NEW Imperial Series Guitar Picks

September 20, 2017 0 Comments

This is the latest series since the ultra-durable Legio Ferrata Series last year.
Only this time we're trying something completely different.

There's new materials, new designs, and a fresh concept.

So how do we describe the new Imperial Series with just 3 words?
Regal, Refined, & Rugged

Imperial Series, Tripick, Handmade Guitar Pick, Acrylic Pick, Archon, Triangle Pick

Right off the bat you can see they carry a majestic aura about them.
They're not your typical off-the-shelf picks for sure,
but something of a finer quality.

Perhaps it's the brilliant "wet" shine,
or pearlescent effects that make these picks shimmer in the light.
Really though, the photos don't do this any justice.

The material is a custom-cast acrylic, high quality stuff not cheap or mass produced.

It's handmade in small batches by a reputable US company in Illinois.
And a regal mixture of cool blues, dark purplish hues,
the occasional reddish streak, and pearl powders added throughout to perfect the mix.

Because of the nature of the material, each pick is one-of-a-kind.
Some have a more pearlescent effect, others a cooler mix of attractive colors.
Either way, you can't go wrong with something as unique as this.

It's YOUR pick, perhaps there are some like it, but this one is YOURS.

Imperial Series, Handcrafted Guitar Picks, Imperator, Plectrum

So how do we get rugged?

This "Imperial" material is not your average plastic as we've said.
It takes root from a different industry not related to guitars
(Yes we like to mix things up, it's what makes us who we are).

The origin of our material begins in the handgun & knife arena.
Sounds deadly, but it's most commonly used to craft grip handles (highly polished ones at that).

The idea of using this material solely on the characteristic of grip was already established.

It inspired us to try something totally NEW:
craft some incredible guitar picks in the vein of the ancient Roman empire!
Something fit for a Caesar...

And so the Imperial Series was born.
Four pick models where initially released,
with an additional two (large tri-picks) being added shortly after.

Here's the lineup from smallest to largest:

Xiphos (Jazz3-style, named after the ever popular xiphos sword from the era)

Aegis (Elongated & sharper Jazz-3, named after the legendary shield wielded by Zeus & Athena)

Bellona (A more "rounded" jazz-styled pick, named after the Roman goddess of war)

Imperator (Perhaps our most popular, & closest to a full sized plec with a sharper tip.
It's named after the title given only to triumphant & proven commanders)

Archon (a large equilateral tri-pick, equally powerful on all sides. Name meaning Ruler or Governor)

Legatus (A 3-in-1 tri-tip model, named after the equivalent of a General of senatorial rank)

So a solid material basis is set.
But we had to take it a step further in our craft.

That's why each pick has its own unique aqua-glow signature.
Yes each of these beautifully crafted guitar picks has a glow-in-the-dark accent.

Just beam some light at any of them, either from a flashlight, direct sunlight,
or even a blacklight (like you would find onstange), and the pick comes to life.

It's a cool blue (aqua) that holds its glow rather well,
just another special touch that makes an Iron Age pick wave its standard proud.

Glow in the dark, guitar picks, plectrums, Imperator, handmade picks

But what's really the special ingredient in all of this?
It's the fact that each pick is meticulously handcrafted with intent.
You're not receiving something processed mechanically en masse & placed on the shelf.

Blood, sweat, & tears are required to make these,
as with anything worth doing right.

Sure we can cut our pick blanks in small batch quantities,
it helps us save time & produce a most consistent product for you.

But after that, each pick is not fully made until you order it.
It's then, that it receives its ownership & brought into existence.
It is CREATED specially for you & with the intent to provide you an extravagant experience.

Dozens have already received their Imperial Series picks in the past couple of weeks.

Do you want to try something new & specially made for you?
Maybe pick that looks & feels incredible in your hand?
Something as unique as you & the rest of your gear?

We're ready when you are.

> > Click here to visit the Imperial Series < <

And as always, all of our picks are offered with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
If you're not 100% satisfied with the work we've done for you,
for whatever reason,
just contact us & we'll do our best to make things right for you.

It's one of the rarest occurrences, but we stand behind our product 100%


Any questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to comment below!

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