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Ukulele Leather Picks

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Add Some SNAP & POP to your playing!

These are a great alternative to your average run-of-the-mill felt picks.You'll find these picks are fairly soft with a subtle firmness which makes them excellent playing on a Ukulele or Bass Guitar.

They won't harm your nylon strings but will provide a bright & lively tone with a satisfying snap!

For Ukulele players, we also offer an optional hanging strap.
Keep your instrument out of harms way & proudly display it in your music room!

Made from a soft synthetic leather, similar to the picks & installs in just seconds. You can even leave it on without affecting you ability to tune your instrument.

Leather Pick Features:

  • Bright tone with a snappy attack.
  • Safe on nylon strings of a Ukulele.
  • Tough enough to be used on a Bass Guitar.
  • Pack includes 6 picks total & an optional Ukulele hanging strap for just a dollar.
  • Made from a soft & synthetic leather-like material.
  • Approximately 2.75mm Thick

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