Goliath & Megalith Ultra

Bigger, Stronger, Faster
You're gonna have to hold on to this one

Weighing in at 9mm of thickness,
this is a pick that flows mercilesslesly without resistance.

After all,
it's made from virgin-grade UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene).
This means it has one of the lowest co-efficients of friction,
similar to that of our Legio Ferrata Series.

But if you want a thick chunky pick that delivers a comfortable grasp like none
(and is amazingly quick)
this is an option to consider.

Why so thick?
Well with something this fast, you're gonna need something to hold onto.
It's the size of a Jazz3, but with a sharp point & steep slippery drop-off.
This makes it a champ at chugging 2 & 3 string chords with ease & flying down
the fretboard unimpeaded by any sort of friction.

Back to its grasp...
Holding this pick is in itself an enjoyable experience.
It's not too hard like stone, kinnda rubbery but doesn't flex - definitely soft
It's like velvet to the touch.
One side is also carved in the slightest to seat your thumb firmly in place.

This might sound all good & dandy but you must be careful with something like
You must understand that once you pick one of these up & go off on the strings,
you won't want to stop!

Experience a new way of playing without speed limits.

Check out one of our Goliath picks today & give it a run for 30 days.
You'll be pleasantly surprised.
And we guarantee you won't even put a dent in it or your money back.

This special edition batch of UHMW-PE Goliaths is limited to 4 pieces
and not part of our regularly stocked Iron Age line-up. Get one if you can.

9mm Thick
Ambidextruous Bevel

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