The Greater, The Larger, The Mighty
Low Friction On An Epic Scale

Resistance across the strings is futile,
even with this beast weighing in at a whopping 9mm.

After all,
it's made from virgin-grade UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene).
This means it has one of the lowest co-efficients of friction,
similar to that of our Legio Ferrata Series.

The result is a lighting strike off the strings,
so you hear more of the notes, and less scratchy picking noise.

But if you want a thick chunky pick that delivers a comfortable grasp with MORE SURFACE AREA,
(and is amazingly quick)
this is an option to consider.

Why so thick?
Well with a tool this quick, you're gonna need something to hold onto.

It's a size larger than the "Goliath-Ultra",
about the size of a regular pick,
but with a sharp pointed drop-off.

This makes strumming chords incredibly easy!
Flying down the fretboard can be achieved without a lick of friction.

Back to its grasp...
Holding this pick is in itself an enjoyable experience.
It's not too hard like stone, kinnda rubbery but doesn't flex - definitely soft like a white velvet.

This might sound all good & gravy but one must be careful with something like
You must understand that once you pick one of these up & go off on the strings,
you will not want to stop!

Experience a new way of playing without speed limits.

Check out one of our Megalith-Ultra picks today & give it a run for 30 days.
You'll be pleasantly surprised.
And we guarantee you won't even put a dent in it or your money back.

This special edition batch of Megalith Ultras is limited to 7 pieces
and not part of our regularly stocked Iron Age line-up.

Get one if you can & while they last.

9mm Thick
Ambidextruous Bevel

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