Maple Burl Tri-Picks

Three Times Three
A Trifecta of Grip, Tone, & Comfort

Is your new signature sound waiting to happen?

It's incredible how much of an impact a change in picks can have on your tone.

If you've never tried a handmade guitar pick,
this is a considerable place to start.

Each pick is carefully crafted with the intent of producing an outstanding experience for you.

One that starts with a luxurious feel in your hand,
and a fuller sounding tone after that first strum.

Tired of dropping your pick?
Here's a batch of picks that have the grip built right in,
courtesy of mother-nature.

Not only does the wood's porous nature help it stay put,
we've raised the bar by engraving our victorious "sword & laurel".
Try having that slip out of your hand.

Want a pick to match your personal style?
Or perhaps even your guitar?
Each of these maple burl picks is totally unique in its own right.

Sure, each is crafted with consistency in mind...
each precision-cut, each masterfully hand-beveled,
and each taken through 3 stages of polishing...

but you won't find the patterns the same on any of them.

That's why each is available as one-of-a-kind.
A token to the uniqueness that is you.

Dimensions: 30*30 mm, 3.5 mm thick

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