Telecaster CF Pickguard (Closeout)

1st Place & In Style
Carbon Fiber - The New Black

From modern jet fighters to exotic performance vehicles,
we present to you one of the most distinguished composites in the world.
Now available as a custom pickguard to give your guitar a luxurious & high-tech look.

It's made from a single sheet of carbon fiber, 2.5mm of solid CF.
The real deal,
not the sticker stuff.
Precision cut & finished by hand to bring out the fine details.

There's no mistake about the carbon fiber allure.
It's certainly not something you can just get off your local shelf,
it's an exclusive mod for that special project.

Aside from its renowned holographic looks,
carbon fiber also aids in shielding your electronics.
It does well to keep radio frequency interference (RFI),unwanted noise, & hum at bay.

Because it's a conductive,
it also makes for a solid ground you can also use for your wiring.

The pickguard itself,
features a total of 8 counter-sunk mounting holes & features a uniform bevel.
Your choice of hardware (Black/Chrome/Gold) is included with each plate.

As a final touch,
each plate is finished with a top-shelf paint sealant
to accentuate the 3D weave & marvel that is carbon fiber.
Lighter than aluminum, but 5 times stronger than steel.

This is an Iron Age exclusive,
and only a handful have been produced for this first batch.

If you want to transform your guitar into something
that is reminiscent of a V12 super car,
this might just be the customization for you.

Limited 5 Produced

4 left as of 05/14/2017

These will no longer be produced.

2 items left

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