Peachwood & Padauk (Single Picks)

Colorful Hues & Warm Tones

The picks can be best described as vibrant, with eye-catching colors & a more lively sound. They're a simple way to enhance your already awesome tone.

Each one is handcrafted from prime cuts of Padauk & Peachwood, making these an attractive alternative to regular plastic picks. And because wood is naturally porous, grip is greatly enhanced.

If you've never tried a wooden pick before, these are a great way to try something different. You might find the missing piece to your tone-puzzle or that extra nuance to make your solo really sizzle. 

Available in two softwood flavors, Peachwood (Yellow) & Padauk (Red) each sold separately.

For a tougher alternative or heavier pickers, check out our Macassar Ebony picks.

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