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[Limited] Tiger's Eye Plectrum (Final)

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Rise Up To The Challenge Of Your Rivals
Crafted from a fine piece of Tiger Eye with a look that's absolutely fierce.

Every seasoned player knows you've got to keep your hands relaxed to maximize your performance.
It all starts here with a comfortable 3mm hold to help you do just that.

Get too relaxed & you might just drop your picks!
That's why this plectrum features 3 deep grooves for you to dig into
and keep you on point, note after note.

3mm Too thick?
We got you covered with a beveled edge for a quicker attack & plenty of biting tone.

To safeguard your new plectrum,
a leather keychain carrier is included with purchase.

Don't hesitate to net this beast,
as attractive as it is,
it sure won't last here for long.

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