[LE] P.O.D. (Ultra-Glow)

Destined To Rock

A Pick Of Legendary Proportions


There's many POD replicas out there,

but none quite like this.


This pick is crafted from a solid slab of glowing cast-acrylic. It's some heavy duty stuff, and holds an incredible glow. (Thee brightest Iron Age has used to date)

Guaranteed - you will see this thing radiating into the night, long after lights out.


The grip on a pick like this is bar-none.

The entire design is deeply engraved & easy to hold. Having it slip out of your hand is near impossible & finding it would be a breeze (just switch the lights off).


Unlike some other replicas, this one is meant to be played, and it's meant to last. The tip has been sculpted to allow for regular playing, and the thickness of the pick will allow it to take a beating day in & day out. The size has been reduced to about 35x35mm ( ~1.4in) or approx. the size of the "Odin's Horn" tri-pick.

It's a big guitar pick.

Maybe not the most nimble for razor-sharp leads, but it will definitely deliver some crushing power-chords.


For those destined for greatness, you don't want to miss out on this one. I have a total of 10 picks available at this time. If you are reading this, then you're one of the very few I am offering it to at this time.

This POD measures just a few millimeters more than a standard sized pick, but packs a huge punch.

It's available in a thickness of 6 or 4mm. There is a slightly thinner (1/8") version on the way, but it will be a couple weeks before those are ready.

If you're ready to rock, please leave a note with your order specifying the thickness gauge desired. These picks will begin to ship Tuesday the 13th!

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