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[Limited] Dragon's Blood Plectrum

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Enter The Dragon
A Draconian Myth & Legend

A guitar pick that's as distinguished as the player who wields it.
This pick is made from a rare stone that's radiant with vibrant green hues
& streaks of dark reds.

Dare to be different?
Measuring in at 3mm, this pick has some mass to throw around,
but plays as nimble as a much thinner pick.

This is due to its semi-polished bevels that
not only allow for a swift attack/release,
but also a bright tone.

To keep you in control note after note,
this pick is matte-finished & coupled with
a thumb-grip.

Included with purchase is a leather keychain carrier
so you can take this beast wherever you go.

As an bonus, 3 of our premium delrin picks are also included
to form a great package deal for yourself or any
guitar enthusiast!

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