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[Limited] Crocodile Jasper Plectrum

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A Ferociously Attractive Guitar Pick
Visually stunning graphics that are anything but standard

Awe-Inspiring greens with a unique scale-like pattern give this plectrum a powerful reptilian vibe.
Get your groove on or lay down some chunky rhythms with this beastly pick.

Measuring in at 3mm thick, it packs quite a punch
that makes those strings ring true.

We guitar players like to be precise,
that's why this pick features deep incisions
for added picking control & comfort.

This model has a rounded tip for
a fuller tone down low & less aggressive attack.

With ever limited edition pick, a leather pick carrier is included
along with a 3 piece set of our premium delrin picks.

Spoil yourself with this pick package before it's gone
or give a guitarist a truly remarkable experience with this
crocodile jasper plectrum.


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